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27 December
Hidden Leaf Village
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Character Name:
Hyuuga Hinata
Brief character description:
Hinata is Hiashi's eldest child and the successor of the Hyuuga Clan. She is gentle and shy, however, unlike the bold and authorative heiress that she is expected to be. Her self-esteem is rather low; she gets very disappointed in herself and doubtful of her abilities whenever her father (or anyone, for this matter) lectures her for being weak.
Sexual / romantic preference:
Hinata admires Naruto who, unlike her, refuses to let any setback dampen his spirits and is forever determined to work harder to get everybody to recognise his existence. It is from him that she draws her courage and motivation to not give up, even though the situation is bleak.
IC Roleplay sample [minimun of one paragraph (4+ sentences)]:
"You have the blood of the Hyuuga Clan running through your veins; why can't you at least live up to that name? At this rate, you're never going to catch up with Neji, and now even Hanabi is better than you."
Hinata knew; she had known all long that her father would say that, but she was never fully prepared. The wave of humiliation and degradation that had washed over her so many times before hit her again, though the impact seemed to have dulled somewhat over time. She no longer cried in front of her father, but she still felt as miserable as she had when she was younger. No, she felt worse now, now that she was older and the pressure exerted upon her as a heiress had increased.
But she must not give up; she could not give up. She wanted to be like Naruto, who refused to let any setback daunt him and would always try and work harder, just to get others to acknowledge his existence and his strength. Hinata smiled slightly at the thought; she was going to be like Naruto some day, and prove herself worthy of her position.
One day, she would be good enough to be who she was meant to be ... or maybe better.

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